Alex's Autographs

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Baseball Players Who Charge

There is a chance that some of these costs will change. Some of these players will sign for free despite having a listed fee. Make sure to write "Donation Enclosed" on the outside of your envelope. Feel free to email me if one is incorrect.

Hank Aaron-Cards-$100. Flats-$145. Jerseys, baseball-$160.

Jack Aker-Cards-$10.

George Alusik-All autographs-$5.

Garrett Atkins-All autographs-$25.

Rick Baldwin-All autographs-$10.

Ray Barker-Cards-$10.

Johnny Bench-Baseballs, baseball cards, postcards, bobble heads, hats, mini bats, and 8x10s-$40. Mini helmet-$50. Standard home plates, size helmet-$75. Jerseys, bats-$100.

Juan Berenguer-3 cards-$5.

Dale Berra-Cards-$10.

Kurt Bevacqua-Cards-$7. Baseballs-$15.

Dennis Biddle-Cards-$10.

Larry Biittner-All autographs-$5.

Ron Blomberg-Cards-$5. Magazines-$17. Photos-$25, Baseballs-$40. Caps-$50. Jerseys-$50. Bats-$75. 

Vida Blue-Baseball cards, B/W photos-$10. Color photos-$15. Magazine covers-$20. Gloves and balls-$25.

Bert Blyleven-Cards-$10. 8x10s, programs, hats-$20. Baseballs-$25. Bats-$75. Jerseys-$100.

Wade Boggs-Cards-$5. Photos-$10.

Jeremy Bonderman-Flats-$10. Balls, flats larger than 8x10-$20.

Jim Bouton-Cards, 8x10s-$5. Balls-$10. 

Cloyd Boyer-Cards-$5.

Bucky Brandon-All autographs-$5.

Steve Braun-All autographs-$4.

George Brett-All autographs-$50.

Lou Brock-Cards-$50.

Bill Buckner-All autographs-$10.

Jim Bunning-Cards-$10. Balls-$20.

Miguel Cabrera-Cards-$120.

Leo Cardenas-All autographs-$5.

Steve Carlton-All autographs-$30.

Nick Castellanos-Cards-$20.

Foster Castleman-Cards-$2.50.

Orlando Cepeda-All autographs-$50.

Yoenis Cespedes-Cards-$30.

Darrel Chaney-Cards-$5.

Pete Cimino-Cards-$5.

Roger Clemens-Cards-$100.

David Cone-Cards-$50. Balls-$75.

Gene Conley-Cards-$5. 8x10s, balls, bats-$10.

Cliff Cook-Index cards-$10. Cards-$15. Pictures-$20. Baseballs-$30.

Roger Craig-Cards-$5. 8x10s, photos-$7. Balls, bats-$10.

Del Crandall-Cards-$5. Balls-$5.

Clay Dalrymple-Cards-$5.

Andre Dawson-Cards-$12. 8x10 photos, baseballs-$15.

Bob Del Greco-Index cards-$5. Cards-$10. Photos-$15. Baseballs-$20.

Ken Dixon-Cards-$5.

Charles "Whammy" Douglas-Cards-$5.

Brian Doyle-Cards-$11.

Jim Duffalo-Cards-$10.

Melvin "Buck" Duncan-Balls-$10.

Carl Erskine-Baseballs-$10.

Roy Face-Cards-$5.

Al Ferrara-Cards-$5.

Cecil Fielder-All autographs-$15.

Rollie Fingers-All autographs-$15.

Carlton Fisk-Inscriptions-$15. Balls-$40.

Curt Ford-All autographs-$3.

Whitey Ford- Cards-$20. Equipment, balls-$35. Jerseys, bats-$50.

George Foster-All autographs-$20.

Bill Freehan-Cards-$10.

Tito Fuentes-All autographs-$5.

Joe Garagiola-Cards-$10. Balls-$25.

Ralph Garr-Cards-$10. 8x10s-$10. Pictures-$20.

Steve Garvey-Cards-$5.

Walter Gibbons-Cards-$5.

Goose Gossage-Balls-$5. 8x10s-$10. Cards-$25.

Don Gross-Balls-$5.

Jerry Grote-Cards-$10. Baseballs-$12.

Bill Gullickson-Cards-$5.

Larry Gura-Cards-$2. Other-$5.

Brian Harper-All autographs-$3.

Neal Heaton-All autographs-$5.

Todd Helton-All autographs-$25.

Whitey Herzog-Balls, cards-$10. Hall of Fame plaques-$20.

Matt Holliday-All autographs-$25.

Bob Horner-Cards-$5.

Kent Hrbek-Cards-$5.

Phil Hughes-Cards-$5. Baseballs, 8x10s-$10.

Ron Hunt-Index cards-$7. Cards-$10. Pictures-$25.

Clint Hurdle-Cards-$5.

Monte Irvin-Cards, custom index cards, 8x10s, 11x14s-$10. Caps, uniforms, balls-$20. Bats-$25.

Reggie Jackson-Cards-$75.

Ray Jarvis-$5.

Ferguson Jenkins-Cards-$15. Pictures, baseballs-$20. Bats-$25.

Tommy John-Cards, balls-$10.

Cliff Johnson-Cards-$5.

Don Johnson-Cards-$5. Balls-$10.

Mamie Johnson-Balls-$10.

Jay Johnstone-Cards-$10.

Cleon Jones-Cards-$5.

Brian Jordan-Cards-$5.

Howie Judson-Balls-$5.

Jim Kaat-All autographs-$10.

Al Kaline-Balls, cards-$10. 11x14s-$20.

Dana Kiecker-All autographs-$2.

Alton King-Cards-$2.

Dave Kingman-Cards, baseballs, hats, programs, postcards-$5. Bats-$10. 

Ron Kittle-1984 cards-$25.

Jerry Koosman-Cards-$10.

Ed Kranepool-Cards-$8.

Lee Lacy-All autographs-$10.

Hobie Landrith-Balls-$5.

Don Larsen-Cards-$5. Photos-$10. Balls-$25.

Fred Lasher-Cards-$5.

Vern Law-Flats-$10. Balls, gloves, shirts-$25.

Ron LeFlore-All autographs-$5.

Sixto Lezcano-Cards-$5.

Mickey Lolich-Cards-$10.

Turk Lown-All autographs-$20.

Elliott Maddox-All autographs-$5.

Bill Madlock-Cards-$5.

Felix Mantilla-Cards-$5.

Hank Mason-Cards-$15.

Jon Matlack-Cards-$5.

Willie Mays-Cards, photos, magazines-$100. Baseball, hats-$150. Helmets-$200. Jerseys, gloves-$300. Bats-$325.

Bill Mazeroski-Cards-$5.

Lloyd McClendon-All autographs-$15.

Mike McCormick-Balls-$5.

Lindy McDaniel-Cards-$5. 8x10s from his website-$20.

Sam McDowell-Cards-$5.

Andrew Miller-Cards-$10. 8x10s-$20.

Wally Moon-Cards-$5.

Enrique Moroto-Cards-$5.

Robert "Bob" Motley-Cards-$5.

Don Newcombe-All autographs-$15.

Phil Niekro-Cards-$10. Photos-$20.

Ernest Nimmons-Flats-$5.

Irv Noren-Photos-$5.

Tony Oliva-Cards-$5. Balls, photos-$10.

Amos Otis-Cards-$5. 8x10s-$15.

Johnathan "Clyde" Paris-Balls-$10.

Dave Parker-Cards-$10. Balls, photos-$25. Bats, jerseys-$35.

Camilo Pascual-Cards-$5.

Albie Pearson-Cards-$5.

Art Pennington-All autographs-$6

Joe Pepitone-All autographs-$7.

Marty Perez-Cards-$5.

Tony Perez-Cards-$3.

Gaylord Perry-All autographs-$25.

Jim Perry-Ball-$10.

Rico Petrocelli-All autographs-$5.

Dan Petry-Cards-$7.

Paul Popovich-Cards-$10.

Rick Porcello-All autographs-$10.

Hank Presswood-Cards-$5.

David Price-Cards-$20.

Tim Raines-Cards-$5.

Jeff Reardon-All autographs-$10.

Brooks Robinson-Cards-$20. Baseballs, flats-$30. Jerseys, bats, other equipment-$45. 

Eddie Robinson-All autographs-$5.

Pete Rose-Cards, photos-$30. Balls-$35.

Nolan Ryan-Cards, tickets-$35. Baseballs, 8x10s-$55. Hats, gloves-$80. Bats, jerseys-$105. 

Brett Saberhagen-All autographs-$10.

Bob Sadowski-Cards-$5.

Anibal Sanchez-Cards-$30.

Jose Santiago-8x10s-$5.

Carl Scheib-Cards-$5.

Red Schoendienst-Balls-$10.

Vin Scully-Balls-$5.

Sonny Siebert-All autographs-$7.

Roy Sievers-Balls-$5.

Terry Steinbach-Cards-$3.

Bob Stinson-All autographs-$5.

Frank Sullivan-All autographs-$5.

Ron Swoboda-All autographs-$5.

Ron Teasley-Cards-$5.

Ralph Terry-All autographs-$10.

Wayne Terwilliger-Cards-$5.

Frank Thomas (from the 1950s)-All autographs-$5.

Bobby Tolan-Cards-$10.

Mike Torrez-Cards-$5.

Jose Valdivielso-All autographs-$7.

Frank Viola-Cards-$5. Balls-$10.

Larry Walker-Cards, 3x5s-$25. 

Carl Warwick-All autographs-$5.

Frank White-Cards-$20.

Maury Wills-Cards, 3x5s-$8. Postcards, 8x10s, cachets, magazines, books-$12. Baseballs-$15. 11x14 or larger flat, hats, plates-$20. Bats, jerseys-$40. 

Rick Wise-Cards, balls, photos-$4. 8x10s-$7. Balls-$15.

Jimmy Wynn-Cards-$5.

Larry Yellen-Cards-$20.

Dom Zanni-Cards-$5.

Jim Zapp-Cards-$5.