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Past Featured Websites

March 2015:

Here are two awesome sites to peruse:

Big R's Autographs

This site hasn't been updated since December, but it is still worth checkout out. There are so many awesome scans to look at.

The National Pastime Museum

This is a very well-designed treasure trove of baseball history. You could spend hours exploring this site.

May 2014:

Joe's Sports Autographs

Joe's Sports Autographs has been around for a long time and - after a hiatus - is back on air with regular updates! 

Not many autograph collector sites stick around, with a bunch folding after only a year or two. This one is different. Its front page features links to scans from 2014 and going all the way back to 2007 (and they all still work!), which will give you a lot to look at. 

This is a really great site. 

April 2014: 

White Sox Cards

White Sox Cards may be dedicated to one team, but all baseball fans will get a kick out of it, no matter who they root for. It features awesome entries on White Sox players past and present, cool scans and an excellent look into the mind of one White Sox fanatic. Check it out!

March 2014:

The Baseball Cube

The Baseball Cube is one of the best baseball reference resources available on the 'net. Largely run by one person, it was started in 2003 and was the first major site to include college statistics, as well as one of the first to include minor league stats. 

I remember when I first discovered this site those many years ago - back then, it was known as Sports Wired I believe - and it has been one of my go-to online stops every since. I absolutely love it and you will, too.

February 2014:


Fangraphs is a popular baseball resource, loaded with statistics - both traditional and Sabermetric - prospect info, blog entries, news stories, player projections...just about everything. Just how much they offer is a little overwhelming - but in a good way! - so if it's your first time visiting, you' better have a few extra hours to spare. 

A lot of fans swear by this site, and I can see why.

January 2014:

Trader Crack's Card Blog

This guy is a trading fiend. Check out his want lists! More importantly, check out his trade lists! Does he have anything you need? He has a ton of stuff available and can likely accommodate you. 

If you just want some really cool scans to look at, Trader Crack's Card Blog is a great place to go. He has pics of lots of awesome certified autographs and jersey cards from numerous sports. 

Take a look!

December 2013:


Did you know Topps has a website? Of course you did, but it's worth featuring here. Topps often has excellent deals going through its site, as well as a lot of non-sports card stuff for sale. From apparel to wall art to cool collectibles, it's there.

November 2013:

Ross's Sports Autographs

Ross's Sports Autographs has been around for as long as I can remember and it is still going strong. With entertaining updates, a lot of cool pages to explore and an easy-to navigate-layout, it remains one of the best collector sites on the 'Net. Check it out!

October 2013:


One of the best sources for celebrity and sports figure addresses, anywhere, is StarTiger. It has nearly 400,000 addresses for people of note ranging from A-list celebrities to  no-name football players to well-known businessmen to scrub hockey wash-ups and everything in-between. 

It is more than an address database, however - it is a way to keep track of your collection and to share your results online. The Website's main page says, "StarTiger is heaven for autograph collectors," and as someone who has used the site in the past, I must say it's hard to disagree. Though it costs money to sign up, it ends up being well worth it.

September 2013:

I've already featured and now it's time to showcase its sister site, Not everyone is aware that the world famous has a football counterpart, but that it does - and it is excellent. I use it all the time, in fact. It has basically the same layout as Baseball-Reference and provides a similarly high-quality level of detail and information. 

Pro-Football-Reference is perhaps the best reference site for football stats out there.

August 2013:

Slave's Through the Mail and In Person Autographs

I'm always a fan of well-designed collector Websites, and this one fits the bill. The curiously-named Slave's Through the Mail and In Person Autographs offers interesting blog entries detailing his (mostly hockey) autograph successes. Though sporadically updated, this site is worth checking out - it has scans, informative and entertaining entries and a sleek design.

July 2013:

There is a Wiki for everything nowadays, so of course there has to be one for baseball cards - and this is it! This is a pretty comprehensive collection of information about baseball cards and since it is a Wiki, more is being added every single day. What's in the 1998 Score set, you wonder? It's there. How about the 1972 Topps set, or even the 1941 Play Ball set, it's all there!

Check out this invaluable reference today!

June 2013:

Scottsdale Baseball Cards

Here's a nice site for those who are in the market to buy some sports cards. Scottsdale Baseball Cards offers a wide array of options for sale, including singles, sets, autographs and boxes from all sorts of sports, including the less common golf and soccer. 

Check it out!

May 2013:

Chris Potter Sports

It's a fact that some players do not like signing through-the-mail. They do not answer any autograph requests and are often unwilling to do public signings. Luckily, there is Chris Potter Sports.

Somehow, Chris Potter is able to score private signings with players that otherwise shy away from signing autographs. At any given moment, he has a ton of signings set up with names both well-known and obscure. If you're looking for that one elusive 'graph to fill out your collection, Chris Potter Sports may be just what you need to get it.

April 2013:

Signings Hotline

In-person autograph collecting is one of the most popular ways of scoring signatures for a collection. It's fun, you get to interact with famous folks and you can be sure of an autograph's authenticity. But if you don't know where the big names are going to be, then how can you collect autographs in-person? 

That's why Signings Hotline exists, to let you know when and where all the stars, present and past, are holding their signings. There is a free version and a premium option as well--both are worth checking out.

March 2013:

Future Star Photos

If you want some high-quality, reasonably priced prints of some of the top names (and some of the more obscure ones) in minor league baseball, Future Star Photos is the place for you. Their photos come in sizes 8x10, 11x14 and 16x20 and are crisp, clean and professionally done. These pictures aren't taken by a bunch of amateurs, that's for sure.

Check it out!

February 2013:

Collins NFL Address List

Let me introduce you to an address list you may not have heard of: The Collins NFL Address List, featuring home addresses for innumerable National Football League players. It doesn't get the press that some other lists receive, but it seems to bring people success--I see it's name pop up on with some frequency. If you're a collector of football autographs, this is a reference you should check out.


January 2013:

White Sox Autograph Projects

This is a dedicated 'grapher - a 'grapher dedicated to obtaining White Sox autographs! He has a lot of cool projects going on, like getting the 2005 Topps World Series commemorative set signed (the Pale Hose won the Fall Classic that year). Even if you're not a Sox fan, this is still a fun site to check out.


December 2012:

National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

This is Cooperstown's virtual home, a digital treasure trove of information about the greatest ballplayers to ever play the game of baseball--and the edifice where they are remembered. Looking to plan a visit to the Hall? This should be your first stop. Want to read about Hank Aaron? This is the place for you. A lot of people know about the Hall of Fame, but they don't know just how awesome the Hall of Fame's Website is.

Check it out!

November 2012:

The Baseball Card Blog

Do you like baseball cards? Do you like blogs that talk about baseball cards? Then this is the Website for you!

The Baseball Card Blog is a thoroughly entertaining chunk of the Internet, exploring the lighter side of baseball cards and baseball card collecting. Sure to deliver giggles and laughs, this nicely designed Site is bound to keep you in stitches.

Check it out!

October 2012:

Ross's Sports Autographs

Ross is one of the revered veterans of through-the-mail autograph collecting. He's been doing it for years and has put together quite the collection of signatures.

On his Website, Ross's Sports Autographs, you can follow his incredible through the mail adventures and read his interesting and entertaining updates. He collects a bunch of different sports, including the "big four" - baseball, basketball, football and hockey - so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

 While many autograph sites come and go, Ross' has been on the Internet for years - his was one of the first autograph sites I went to way back in the early and mid-2000s! You don't have to worry about him going anywhere, there's constantly new autographs and updates to check out.

Give it a look!

September 2012:

Capewood's Collections

Reading about sports cards never gets old - and this blog gives you a lot to read about. He busts packs, gives reviews and provides images...what more could you ask for? 

Well-designed and well-written, this chunk of the Interwebs is definitely worth checking out.

August 2012:

Autograph University

Matt Raymond brings you one of the best autograph Websites to hit the 'net in a long time. Inside this sleek, well-designed and well-written Website, you'll find all you need to know about autograph collecting--it is called Autograph University, after all.

There are tips and articles and all sorts of goodies just waiting to be uncovered. Check it out--you'll like what you see. 

July 2012:

Well, I've already featured, so I might as well feature its minor league counterpart, (the MiLB, if you haven't guessed, is short for Minor League Baseball). I actually visit this site more than I want to find the whereabouts of a baseball player or read up on the top prospects, it's all here. Statistics, videos, analysis--you name it, they got it.

June 2012:

I am Joe Collector

If you're a fan of collecting blogs, then this is one for you! With tons of great entries, you'll be sure to find something that piques your interest. He covers all sorts of sports, including football, basketball, baseball and more!


May 2012:

Need some singles and need them cheap? is the site for you. I have personally used this Website multiple times (and have even sold some extra cards on it) and can say without equivocation that it is one of the best sources of inexpensive sports cards on the Internet. It features cards from all the major sports and allows you to search by player, sport and year.

Check it out--you won't be disappointed.  

April 2012:

On the Road With Pat Neshek

A baseball player who collects autographs? And baseball cards? And has his own Website? Who could that be?

His name is Pat Neshek, who is one of the fan-friendliest baseball players of the 21st century and who, a few years ago, was one of the best relievers in the game. Check out his cool Website, which discusses his box breaks, his autograph collection and his life as a baseball player.

March 2012:

Baseball Fever

Baseball fans, this is the ultimate forum for you. It's one of my favorites and I visit it every single day. It features discussions on all things baseball including, of course, autographs and collecting.

Want to talk about international ball? Go for it. Is the 19th century your favorite era? They have a forum for that. What about stats and Sabermetrics? Of course, a forum is available for that as well.

The best part about this Website is that it is a good source of intelligent baseball discussion, which is something that is often lacking in sports-centric message boards. It is well and fairly moderated, which helps keep the riff and the raff to a minimum. You'll really dig this site.

Check it out!

February 2012:

Bad Wax

As this Website's tagline states, it is the "musings of a card collector." And what interesting musings they are! The author, chemgod, doesn't hold back in providing his opinion on all things sports cards--whether the subject is Peyton Manning, Tim Tebow or Jeremy Lin.

Check it out!

January 2012:

Mitch's Autographs

This is a no-frills Website, but that doesn't mean it is a bad Website. Follow TTMer Mitch as he updates the additions to his autograph collection, which includes names from all sports--even the less commonly collected ones, like tennis and boxing. He even collects NASA member autographs!

Check it out!

December, 2011:

Dion's IP Autos Only

It is becoming harder and harder to find a quality collector-created autograph Website these days. Too often, people make a site, then stop updating it after two weeks, or they never add images--you know, the general annoyances.

Well, that is not the case with Dion's IP Autos Only. Dion has put together an impressive collection since creating his blog in 2009, adding over 2,000 (2,000!) autographs each year. He's an in-person collector, so his posts are always a blast to check out.

November, 2011:

Sports Cards Uncensored

Interested in sports cards? This blog is for you. Updated daily, this trove of sports card knowledge and information will be sure to keep any collecting fanatic entertained and intrigued for hours. It's very well written, too, which is a plus.

October, 2011:

Sports Autos TTM

This is the ultimate TTM collector's Website. The owner, Chad, has been collecting for the past few years and has really put together a nice collection.

The layout of the site isn't flashy, but that doesn't matter when you see the all the 'graphs he gets in the mail. He mails out hundreds of requests each year and gets hundreds back, which makes visiting his site very entertaining. Check out his list of's massive.

September, 2011:

This is where all the action happens!, the official Website of Major League Baseball, is one of the most popular online destinations in the United States. According to, it is the 83rd most visited site in the U.S. (beating the other three major sports' Websites:, and

With that said, there's a pretty good chance you already go there - but if you don't, start visiting! It has statistics, live updates,'s pretty awesome.

August, 2011:

A Pack a Day

Egad! I'm featuring a Website that hasn't been updated in three months!

 That's because it is still a really cool Website to check out. A Pack a Day features  the pack-ripping exploits of various collectors, which are accompanied by scans and some pretty entertaining commentary. It's an awesome site - give it a look!

July, 2011:

The Great Orioles Autograph Project

The Great Orioles Autograph Project - the name of the site is rather self-explanatory. The collector behind it is attempting to gather all sorts of Baltimore Orioles autographs, ranging from modern guys to the players of yore...and he's doing a pretty good job of it, too!

This site has a ton of scans and plenty of entertaining commentary, so I would definitely suggest checking it out.

June, 2011:

Stu-Man Autographs

Now this is a great Website. The man behind it has been collecting autographs for years and has compiled one of the most impressive collections I have ever seen. His Website is extremely well-designed, sleek and easy to navigate, making viewing his collection a very enjoyable experience.

He has been on the Internet for many years and is a very well-known and respected collector. I would highly suggest checking out his site.

May, 2011:

Inside Pulse Sports

Inside Pulse Sports is a quality blog that offers news and opinion on all major sports, as well as on autographs, sports collectibles - you name it. Are you a football fan? Great! There are articles up there for you. Baseball? Basketball? Soccer? Yep, there are entries on Inside Pulse Sports to fit your fancy. As a testament to its quality, this blog has had articles referenced and featured on sites all over the Internet, including ESPN.

I must admit, I'm a little biased toward this month's featured Website, because, well...I write for it. That said, it is still an excellent sports blog that you should definitely check out.

April, 2011:

Though I am normally not a fan of dealer Websites, this one is certainly an exception. With a slick layout and autographs from all the major sports, this site is definitely a tick above the rest - whether you are looking for an autograph from Tom Glavine or Tom Fordham, is sure to have it.

March, 2011:

Cardboard Legends Through-the-Mail Autographs

I remember a few years ago, when it was all the rage for autograph collectors to use (now as their Website host of choice - people flocked to the site in droves. Inevitably, a lot of flash-in-the-pan, very poor quality Websites popped up as a result.

Nowadays, the free host of choice seems to be As with the Freewebs migration, a lot of unimpressive sites have made their debuts under the Blogspot name, making it hard for the really good ones to shine through.

Cardboard Legends Through-the-Mail Autographs is not one of those unimpressive sites. In fact, it is one of the best Blogspot-hosted autograph sites I have ever seen. The layout is excellent, it is updated frequently and the scans are awesome. Enjoy this site - there aren't many like it anymore!

February, 2011:

Droidtrader's Sports Memorabilia

With a nice design, an easy-to-navigate homepage and plenty of updates, Droidtrader's Sports Memorabilia is more than worthy of being named the Featured Website.

There is a lot to love about this website. As mentioned, the design is a plus - I really like that - and updates are constant. In addition, there are tons of images to look at and there is a great mix of in-person and through the mail experiences to read about.

Go check this site out and leave the guy a comment! Tell 'em Alex sent ya ;-).

January, 2011:

Brian's Field of Dreams Baseball Autographs

If you are big into baseball autographs, then I really suggest visiting Brian's Field of Dreams Baseball Autographs. Though it has not been updated since August, there is a lot of information stored away in the archives that is worth checking out. Especially beneficial to Hall of Fame collectors is the "HOF TTM Habits" page, which (though semi-outdated) offers information on baseball Hall of Famers' fees and, as the title indicates, signing habits.

December, 2010: might just be the best website on the Internet for free celebrity addresses. According to its homepage, it boasts over 50,000 addresses for actors, directors, athletes and more. Not only that, it also has an excellent message board where there are tons of information - and even more addresses - to be found. When people e-mail me asking for celebrity addresses, this is the first website I go to - hopefully, that illustrates just how much I like and trust this chunk of the Internet. I suggest checking out.

November, 2010:

Alex Hipolito's Snail Mail

There was a tie in the voting this month - Alex Hipolito's Snail Mail and Inside Pulse Sports received 50% of the vote, each. I am going to focus on Alex Hipolito's Snail Mail, since it is more through-the-mail oriented.

Though it hasn't been updated since July, 2010, Alex Hipolito's Snail Mail is a very professional looking website with tons of excellent resources. While you are there, you should make sure to check out the "tips on how to send TTM" section. Look also at the impressive autograph collection - the Hipolitos have accumulated a great mix of old legends and rising stars alike. This is one site I think you are going to enjoy.

October, 2010:


To the through-the-mail autograph collector, there is no website more vital than Free to sign up for and use, a collector can keep track of his requests, successes and failures, as well as see recent successes and team addresses. If he signs up for the premium version, it gets better, with home addresses and site-wide success rates becoming available. Anyone who is considering through-the-mail autograph collecting should truly consider signing up for this website, as it offers an unmatched system for keeping track of any autograph collection.

September, 2010:

Luke's Autographs

If you want an autograph collector's website with multiple updates per month, lots of successes and tons of scans, this is the place to go. Luke's Autographs is one of the premier autograph collector's websites on the Internet, though it doesn't seem to be as popular as some others out there. Luke collects through the mail and in-person, and his updates are always fun to read. I personally enjoy reading the questionnaires he sends to the players he writes.

August, 2010:

Mark's Signing Bonus

For my first featured website, I thought I'd focus on perhaps the best autograph collecting website on the Internet, Mark's Signing Bonus. I am sure most of you know about this fantastic corner of the Internet, with its daily updates and helpful site owner, however it is worth featuring. It is the only website I check daily, and is worth a look-see.