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My In-Person Autograph Experiences

July 29, 2013 - Norfolk Tides vs. Rochester Red Wings

I went to see the Rochester Red Wings play the Norfolk Tides. Hall of Fame pitcher Gaylord Perry was doing a signing and I was able to get him on three cards and a photograph. 

Postgame, I also snagged a few.

Red Wings:


Xavier Avery, 1/1

Ronny Paulino, 2/8

Tsuyoshi Wada, 2/2. He's so unassuming looking he nearly snuck by.

July 24, 2013 - LeHigh Valley IronPigs vs. Rochester Red Wings

Today I went to see the Red Wings vs. the LeHigh Valley IronPigs. Hall of Fame first baseman Rod Carew was there doing a signing - I got him on a card.

Then, after the game, I got...

Red Wings:


Mike MacDougal 4/4

Ray Burris 0/ was worth a shot.

I got some thin blue Sharpies for Christmas and thought I'd try them for my autographs today. As you can see, they didn't turn out too great.

September 3, 2012 - Syracuse Chiefs vs. Rochester Red Wings

June 20, 2012 - Durham Bulls vs. Rochester Red Wings

I went to this game to get former Athletics pitcher Dave Stewart, mostly, who was doing a special autograph appearance. I also walked away with the following:

Red Wings:


July 31, 2011-Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees vs. Rochester Red Wings

I went to see the Reds Wings play the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees on July 31.

Red Wings:


My autographing partner got a baseball with a bunch of random signatures on it...Kyle Waldrop, Jake Stevens, Carlos Gutierrez (I think), Bobby Cuellar, Anthony Slama, Jeff Bailey, Terry Tiffee, Mike Lamb, Chuck James, P.J. Pilittere and Rene Tosoni.

June 26, 2011-Syracuse Chiefs vs. Rochester Red Wings

Syracuse Chiefs vs. Rochester Red Wings. Bob Boone was signing at the game, too. It was supposed to be Davey Johnson, which is why I initially planned to go, but they did a switcharoo at the last minute.


Bob Boone, 1/1, 1/1 (help), 2/2 (help)

Red Wings:



Red Wings:

Jim Hoey, 1/1 (help)

Steve Holm, 1/1

Chuck James, 2/4

Floyd Rayford, 2/2

Anthony Slama, 1/1 (help)


Jerry Browne, 5/5

Ross Detwiler, 2/2, 1/1 (help)

Chad Gaudin, 4/4

September 6, 2010-Buffalo Bisons vs. Rochester Red Wings

The Buffalo Bisons destroyed the Red Wings 16-1 today, the last game of the season.

Still, it was a pretty good last-game-of-season haul.

Red Wings:

Anthony Swarzak, 2/2...both turned out ugly for some reason. I gave the best one to a lady who didn't get anyone else.

Tom Nieto, 2/5, 1/1...he took forever to come out.

D'Angelo Jimenez, 2/5, 2/2

Erik Lis, 1/1


Ken Oberkfell, 1/1, 1/1

Chad Cordero, 4/4, 1/1

Ricky Bones, 1/2, 1/1

Michael Barrett, 7/7

Josh Stinson, 1/1

Jose De La Torre, 1/1

Mike Cervenak, 1/1

Adam Pettyjohn, 1/1

Jack Voigt, 1/1

Mike Antonini, 1/1

Manuel Alvarez, 1/1

September 4, 2010-Syracuse Chiefs vs. Rochester Red Wings

Went to see the Red Wings play the Syracuse Chiefs last night.

Red Wings:

Jacque Jones, 1/6

Matt Macri, 3/3

Erik Lis, 3/3

Brendan Harris, 0/2, 1/2...didn't sign inside but I got him as he was leaving.


June 21, 2010-Charlotte Knights vs. Rochester Red Wings

Rochester Red Wings:

Luke Hughes, 2/6

Matt Macri, 5/5

Jose Morales, 1/1

Ryan Mullins, 3/3

Pat Neshek, 4/4

Anthony Slama and Wilson Ramos on ROLBs.

Charlotte Knights:

Buck Coats, 1/1

Gary Ward, 2/3

Chris Chambliss on a ROLB.

May 15, 2010-Louisville Bats vs. Rochester Red Wings

I didn't have too much to get signed. I didn't bother to get any of the Louisville Bats players.

Tim Lahey, 1/1

Matt Macri, 7/7

Jose Morales, 1/6

Trevor Plouffe and Danny Valencia signed a ROLB.

September 5, 2009-Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees vs. Rochester Red Wings

It was the last home game of the season, vs. the SWB Yankees. I didn't even try for the Yankees.

This is who I got:

August 30, 2009-Buffalo Bisons vs. Rochester Red Wings

My favorite team is the New York Mets, however I believe this is the first time I have ever seen their AAA team play against the Red Wings.

Red Wings:


Chip Ambres, 1/1

Robinson Cancel, 1/1 - one of the ugliest autographs I've received

Jason Dubois, 1/1

Andy Green, 1/1

Mike Lamb, 2/2

Josh Petersen, 1/1

Argenis Reyes, 1/1

Kyle Snyder, 1/1

July 11, 2009-Lehigh Valley IronPigs vs. Rochester Red Wings

Not a bad day. I got Miguel Cairo and David Newhan, both former Mets (my favorite team), which was cool.

Iron Pigs:

Red Wings:

Not too shabby.

June 21, 2009-Toledo Mud Hens vs. Rochester Red Wings

They played a double-header today, with two seven inning games. The weatherman lied to us, and it rained today and there was a rain delay. Not that that matters, they played both games anyway.

Mud Hens:

Red Wings:

Alexi Casilla, 1/6

Stan Cliburn, 1/1

Justin Huber, 3/3

Bobby Keppel, 1/1

Tim Lahey, 5/5

Alejandro Machado, 1/1

Matt Macri, 3/14 before the game, 1/1 after the game

Dustin Martin, 1/1

Juan Morillo, 4/4

Kevin Mulvey, 5/5

Tommy Watkins, 1/1

It's cool when you actually have cards of people to get signed.

May 25, 2009-Durham Bulls vs. Rochester Red Wings

Didn't have much for the Bulls (or the Red Wings for that matter)


Red Wings:

Brian Duensing, 1/1

Philip Humber, 1/6 - signed the worst card I had of him (worst condition that is)

Matt Macri, 3/3

Paul Molitor, 2/2

It's cool when you actually have cards of people to get signed.

May 25, 2009-Durham Bulls vs. Rochester Red Wings

Didn't have much for the Bulls (or the Red Wings for that matter)


Red Wings:

Brian Duensing, 1/1

Philip Humber, 1/6 - signed the worst card I had of him (worst condition that is)

Matt Macri, 3/3

Paul Molitor, 2/2

April 25, 2009-Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees vs. Rochester Red Wings

Today was team signing day for the Red Wings. They forced all their players out onto the field to sign for us even though they battled through a 13 inning game (which they lost to the SWB Yankees, 17-14).

And the best part was - I had no cards of these guys. Jeez, they're all new to the Red Wings it seems...I remember for for a while it seemed like the same core group of guys kept on coming back year after year. Not so much these days.

I still came away with some stuff though:

Red Wings:

And a whole bunch of autograph sheets.


Today was okay card wise, I always know games are coming up but I never actually remember to prepare ahead of time and buy cards, and that always comes back to haunt me. I mean autograph sheets are sweet, but how many does one person really need?

July 28, 2008-Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees vs. Rochester Red Wings

Scranton/Wilkes Barre was in town today. I missed the pregame graphing because I spent 1 1/2 hours waiting for Ron Guidry, who I got on a card.

I got these guys postgame:

All of the cards were team set cards, except for the Mulvey. $10 for a team set...outrageous.

July 23, 2008-Toledo MudHens vs. Rochester Red Wings

The Red Wings played the Toledo Mud Hens today. This is how I did:

Red Wings:

Mud Hens:

Larry Parrish 1/1

Timo Perez 4/7

Also an unknown guy - he signed one of the Red Wings autograph sheets for me.

Bill "Spaceman" Lee was also doing a signing tonight, and I got him on a card, two autograph sheets, and one of the $10 photos they had available for sale.

July 5, 2008-Buffalo Bisons vs. Rochester Red Wings

Red Wings played Buffalo today. Wings won 2-0, Liriano pitched a gem.

Here's who I got:

Howie Clark, 3/3

Casey Daigle, 3/3, Jennie Finch got more autograph requests than he did it seemed, that made me chuckle

Garrett Jones, 3/3

Ryan Jorgensen, 1/3, smeared (oh well)

Francisco Liriano, 1/1

Alejandro Machado, 3/3

Darnell McDonald, 3/3

Jason Pridie, 3/3

Tommy Watkins, 3/3


I brought two Sharpies, and gave my good one away to a kid who needed one on accident, so I had to use a nearly dry one to get these guys. Oh well, what can you do, it was a good night overall.

June 14, 2008-Louisville Bats vs. Rochester Red Wings

I got Denard Span 2/2 on cards, Alejandro Machado 1/1 on a Red Wings signing sheet and Garrett Jones 3/3 on pocket schedules.

Then I got a few guys on baseballs:

I also got a ball signed by a bunch of guys:

June 10, 2008-Louisville Bats vs. Rochester Red Wings

I went to my first game of the year tonight, Durham Bulls v. Red Wings. Great game, Francisco Liriano pitched a gem, Wings routed the Bulls.

Aside from that, things didn't go too well. Seeing as this was the first game I've gone to this year, I realized I didn't recognize...well...anybody. For the most part, the players on the Wings were new guys.

I got Darnell McDonald on a ball, sweetspot (w00t) to commemorate the fact that I actually recognized him.

I also got Francisco Liriano 1/1 and Dan Johnson 1/1.

Failure is the word of the day for Alex. Epic failure.

September 2, 2007-Buffalo Bisons vs. Rochester Red Wings

One heck of a game, Brian Bass pitched a complete game shutout.

This is who signed for me...

Rochester Red Wings:

Buffalo Bisons:

August 10, 2007-Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees vs. Rochester Red Wings

My first IP graphin' since June.

The Red Wings were playing the Scranton-Wilkes Barre Yankees.

Here's how I did...

I didn't get any of the Yankees to sign.

It was a good game. Gassner got into some early trouble but the Wings ended up winning it in the end.

June 20, 2007-Columbus Clippers vs. Rochester Red Wings

Red Wings:

Garrett Jones-signed a pocket schedule and blank IC.

Nick Blackburn-signed a pocket schedule.

Matt LeCroy-signed a blank IC and an autograph sheet.

Tommy Watkins-signed a magnet schedule and blank IC.

Alexi Casilla-signed a blank IC.

Glenn Williams-signed a blank IC.

Jeremy Cummings-signed a blank IC.


Bernie Castro-signed a 2003 Bowman card.

Jason Bergmann-signed a 2006 Topps card and a blank IC.

Larry Broadway-signed a 2003 SAL Top Prospect card and a blank IC.

Tim Redding-signed a blank IC.

Chris Booker-signed a blank IC.

Emiliano Fruto-signed a blank IC.

It was a good game too. The Red Wings won 2-1. Gassner pitched 8 strong innings.

May 29, 2007-Richmond Braves vs. Rochester Red Wings

I went to see the Richmond Braves play the Red Wings yesterday. I am uber low on cards of the guys, so I'm scrounging to find stuff to be signed. I brought my 2005 Red Wings year book (which is in pretty bad shape, but I thought I'd bring it anyway), blank ICs, 2006 pocket schedules, 2007 pocket schedules and 2006 autograph sheets. When I say I don't have a lot of cards for Red Wings players, I mean it - I had a total of 4, three of Ricky Barrett and 1 of Brian Bass.

Anyway, here's how I did.

In my Red Wings yearbook, I got David Gassner to signed two of his pictures in it (1, 2). He also signed a 2007 pocket schedule and a card (which some guy gave me, it was pretty cool of him). The pocket schedule doesn't even have Gassner's picture on it - the three players on it are Matt Garza, Josh Rabe and Garrett Jones. But hey, it's still cool.

Speaking of 2007 pocket schedules, Josh Rabe signed one for me.

Ricky Barrett signed three of my remaining four Red Wings cards, so now I have one left.

Tommy Watkins signed another magnet schedule for me.

Kevin Slowey and Jose Morales signed an autograph sheet for me. I meant to pull out a clean sheet for Slowey, but I pulled out the one with Morales' signiture on it so I had him sign that one.

From the Richmond Braves, I got Doug Clark to sign a card and Bill McCarthy to sign a blank IC. I tried getting Graham Koonce to sign a blank IC, but he said he doesn't and told me how there are dishonest people out there et cetera et cetera. He asked me if I had anything else, so I just gave him a Red Wings autograph sheet and he signed it.

It was a good game too. The Wings game from behind to win it, with a Doug Deeds homer tying the game.

April 22, 2007-Syracuse Chiefs vs. Rochester Red Wings

Great game today. This is what I got IP:

Garrett Jones signed 2/2 pocket schedules for me. Manager Stan Cliburn, Tristan Crawford, Julio DePaula, GM Dan Mason, Denard Span and Matt Tolbert signed pocket schedules too. Doug Deeds, Matt Moses, Matt LeCroy and Jason Miller all signed team autograph sheets for me.

Scott Baker, coach Stew Cliburn (1/1), David Gassner (5/5), coach Rich Miller (1/1), Kevin Slowey (2/2) and Glenn Williams (2/2) of the Red Wings all signed cards for me. Former Red Wings and current Chief Beau Kemp signed a couple cards for me too. Gassner also signed an autograph sheet, Slowey personalized.

Trent Oeltjen signed my ticket stub and Matt Garza and Tommy Watkins signed my magnet schedule.

September 3, 2006: Scranton-Wilkes/Barre Red Barons vs. Rochester Red Wings

What a game! I witnessed my first ever no-hitter. Jeremy Cummings of the Red Barons no-hit the Wings. He was only 4 walks and 1 hit batter away from a perfect game!

I also did pretty well IP:

Red Wings:

Ricky Barrett-signed 3/4.

David Gassner-signed 2/4.

Garrett Jones-signed 1/1. I didn't have a card, so I had him sign one of my binder pages.

Bobby Korecky/Tommy Watkins-1/1, 1/1. They both signed this for me.

Luis Maza-signed 1/1. He ignored me before the game but I got him afterwards.

Quinton McCracken-signed 1/3. He didn't seemed too pleased to be signing.

Josh Rabe-signed 1/1. As usual, he was cool about it.

Kevin West/Glen Perkins-1/1, 1/1. They both signed this card for me.

Glenn Williams-signed 2/2.

Finally, someone else got this for me-a poster with a bunch o' signatures.

Red Barons:

Gavin Floyd-signed 2/2.

Jeremy Cummings-signed 8/8. He was really cool about it.

June 1, 2006: Columbus Clippers vs. Rochester Red Wings

May 7, 2006: Pawtucket Red Sox vs. Rochester Red Wings

A BAD day. When I say bad, I mean it. How bad? I was able to get one autograph...

September 3, 2005: Syracuse SkyChiefs vs. Rochester Red Wings

August 26, 2005: Ottawa Lynx vs. Rochester Red Wings

6/12/05-Indianapolis Indians vs. Rochester Red Wings

Other IP Stuff