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My Records

Hello, and welcome to the Recent Successes Archive. This is where I will list all the successes I have received within the past two months. I will also list all the failures I receive in that time, as well.

Here is a list of all my records and stats.

Autograph records:

Sent: 5040

Received: 1951

Success Rate: 38.7%

1,000th Request Sent: 10/17/05

1,500th Request Sent: 5/14/07

2,000th Request Sent: 7/21/08

2,500th Request Sent: 12/28/09

3,000th Request Sent: 8/22/11

3,500th Request Sent: 10/29/12

4,000th Request Sent: 3/16/15

4,500th Request Sent: 6/20/17

5,000th Request Sent: 6/27/18

Shortest Return Time: Eric Moulds, 3 days

Longest Return Time: Juan Castro, 3,177 days

Most Successes in a Day: 9 (6/8/09)

Most Return To Senders/Failures in a Day: 4

Website milestones:

50,000th Hit On My Site: 1/29/07

75,000th Hit On My Site: 12/21/07

100,000th Hit On My Site: 5/16/09

125,000th Hit On My Site: 12/19/10

150,000th Hit on My Site: 7/31/13